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What is Forward Edge II?
Forward Edge II is an interactive, computer-based training program which takes the next step in training law enforcement officers to conduct electronic crime investigations.

Originally created in 2001, more than 50,000 copies of Forward Edge have been distributed local and state law enforcement, private industry, and U.S. Attorneys Offices at no cost to the user. The training incorporates virtual reality features as it presents different investigative scenarios to the trainee. Copies of state computer crime laws for each of the fifty states as well as corresponding sample affidavits are also part of the training program and are immediately accessible for instant implementation.

Forward Edge II is the 2006 update to the original training and uses DVD, CD-ROM and the internet to enhance the training experience.

Forward Edge II program is being distributed by Secret Service field offices around the U.S.

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Forward Edge II Field Guide
Forward Edge II Field Guide
Online Field Guide for Investigators!
The online Forward Edge II Field Guide includes an array of electronic crimes investigation resources.

Included in this site are:
  • Updated electronic crime statutes
  • Technology briefs that utilize graphics and video to educate users about devices that store information.
  • Investigative resources for each state
  • Other resources and go-bys for investigators
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